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International Nutrition has operated globally for over 20 years. We work closely with animal health distributors, feed manufacturers and producers to provide products of value to meet the nutritional needs of livestock, poultry and aqua culture. We are an aggressive partner in developing new opportunities or supplying existing markets. Our staff is trained to successfully maneuver through all the processes required to market our products to international customers.

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International Nutrition has serviced the U.S. feed industry for over 40 years. Combining an inventory of over 350 critical ingredients with our expertise in producing medicated, nutritional and specialty premixes, we are successfully servicing the needs of animal health distributors and feed manufacturers. Our capability to distribute products provides confidence that they will be handled with great care.

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International Nutrition has positioned itself as a high quality, service oriented manufacturer for over 40 years. We are fully approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, ISO 9001:2008 registered and an inaugural recipient of the American Feed Industry Association’s Safe Feed/Safe Food certification. We have a wide range of packaging capabilities and services to meet all your requirements.

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